Project Review: Aiki Wiki

Aiki Wiki is a interoperable computational tool, computer interface, content management system, API and methodology for fully transparent consensus building, deliberation, brain storming and conflict resolution that allows for consensus resolution without relying on a voting algorithm.

We’ve given hundreds of demonstrations of this process since 2021, received many endorsements, and as of March 2024, have successfully piloted the computational system in single, one on one conversations through a computer interface. A live demonstration of Aiki Wiki can be viewed on Vimeo

Aiki Wiki version 1. Parley.

Launched March of 2024. Two people can progress a natural conversation through brainstorming or conflict resolution into consensus publication.

Aiki Wiki Version 2. Consensus Dojo

Our next iteration of Aiki Wiki, Consensus Dojo, will allow 5 to 25 people to process a consensus narrative into publication with an accompanying AI.

Submitted for MetaGov Grant

Aiki Wiki Version 3. Global Library of Consensus Articles (2025)

Builds an Open Source Global Library, free of charge, of consensus articles in the public domain.

Replace nothing, improve everything.

The full version of Aiki Wiki is a fully transparent online consensus library which can publish and distribute conflict into resolution through groups of individuals, 25 or more, through an elaborate computer interface and content management system that works with an AI for simple and quick deliberation and publication. The full system is designed for interoperability with social media, AI, any governance system, legal system or organizational system.

The system can account for all possible flows of conversation and deliberation in any decision making process through a type of game that is applied to conversation while only allowing for one computational outcome, resolution, to emerge into publication.

The game is informed by “9×3 Narrative Logic”, which applies narrative structures to conversation and can handle events such as conflict, disagreement, misinformation, deception or manipulation which can arise in heated disputes or powerful ideological conversations.

The game guides conversation through these narrative events until a threshold is reached, awarding permissions to make changes in the library of consensus articles.