The Win Win Protocol for the World Wide Web

Aiki Wiki is a computational system for online conversation that facilitates  a mutually rewarding outcome, a type of conflict resolution that can help filter both social media as well as AI systems for alignment, perfectly. This is the first exportable protocol that offers platforms and systems highly competent tools for online disinformation, misinformation, harassment, reliable fact checking, in addition to a sophisticated dispute and conflict resolution tool.

The “Win Win Protocol” facilitates thorough, mutually satisfactory governance transactions or decision making without voting, without any third-party mediation, without censorship nor requiring any advanced AI systems like LLMs, just by having or processing conversations through its protocol.

The protocol has endorsements from law, computer science and cognitive sciences.

Let’s clean up social media, create true “town squares”, and align AI systems in a trusted “win-win” outcome. Our motto is “improve everything, replace nothing”, and we are currently demonstrating our system to respective partners and investors.

We are currently piloting our “consensus generating” system on our app

While our white Paper needs an update, it delivers the message well.


rome AT big mother dao dot com

This project is proudly funded via “Bootstrapping Arts and Engineering”